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Emergency First Response

EFR training.
EFR practice.
CPR demonstration.

Emergency First Response (EFR) Course

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Level: Beginner

Duration : 1 day


First Aid KitCPR MannequinAED Trainer


  • Day 1: Primary Care (CPR) Training
  • Day 2: Secondary Care (First Aid) Training
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The Emergency First Response course equips you with the essential skills needed to respond to medical emergencies. This comprehensive training covers primary and secondary care, including CPR and first aid, providing you with the confidence to handle emergency situations. Ideal for divers and non-divers alike, the course emphasizes practical learning through hands-on practice to ensure you can effectively manage potential emergencies.

What skills will I learn in the EFR Course?

In the EFR course, you'll learn a range of skills crucial for emergency response, including primary care (CPR) and secondary care (first aid). You'll practice CPR on a mannequin, learn how to use an AED, and manage a variety of injuries and illnesses.

Who should take the EFR Course?

The EFR course is designed for anyone interested in learning essential first aid and CPR skills. It's ideal for divers looking to enhance their safety skills and for non-divers who want to be prepared to handle emergencies in their daily lives. There are no prerequisites or age restrictions, making it suitable for everyone.


No diving certification required, suitable for all ages

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