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Freediving Intro

Beginner freediver swimming with manta rays
First-time freediver observing a sea turtle
Introductory freedive around coral reefs

Introductory Freediving Experience

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Level: Beginner

Duration : Half-day to 1 day


Low Volume MaskSnorkelFinsWetsuitWeight Belt


  • Introduction to Freediving and Breath-hold Techniques
  • Basic Skills Training in Confined Water
  • Guided Freediving in Open Water (optional, depending on the program)
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Embark on your first freediving adventure with our Introductory Freediving Experience. This experience is designed for those who are new to freediving and wish to try breath-hold diving in a safe and controlled environment. You will learn the basics of freediving, including breath-hold techniques, safety procedures, and proper finning techniques. Experience the tranquility and freedom of freediving as you explore underwater in a relaxed, no-pressure setting.

What prerequisites are needed for the Introductory Freediving Experience?

There are no specific prerequisites for this experience, other than being comfortable in the water and having basic swimming skills. The minimum age is usually around 12 years old, but this can vary depending on the provider.

What will I learn in the Introductory Freediving Experience?

In this experience, you'll learn fundamental freediving techniques, including how to manage your breath-hold, fin effectively, and adhere to safety procedures. You'll gain an understanding of how your body responds to breath-hold diving and get a taste of the freediving world.

Is freediving safe for beginners?

Yes, when conducted under the supervision of a professional instructor in a controlled environment, freediving is safe for beginners. Safety is a primary focus, and you will be guided through the necessary precautions and procedures.

Can I dive in open water during the Introductory Freediving Experience?

Depending on the specific program and conditions, your introductory experience may include a guided freediving session in open water. This allows you to experience freediving in a natural setting under the supervision of a professional.


Comfortable in water, Basic swimming skills, Minimum age of 12 (may vary)

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