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PADI Advanced Freediver


Advanced Freediver Course

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Level: Intermediate

Duration : 2-3 days


Low Volume MaskSnorkelLong FinsWetsuitWeight SystemFreediving Computer


  • Day 1: Advanced Breathing Techniques and Stretching
  • Day 2: Static and Dynamic Apnea Improvement
  • Day 3: Depth Training Techniques
  • Day 4: Open Water Depth and Safety Procedures
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Advance your freediving capabilities with our PADI Advanced Freediver course. This course is designed for those who have mastered the basics of freediving and are ready to take their skills to new depths. In this course, you will learn advanced breathing techniques, delve deeper into the science of freediving, and perfect your static and dynamic apnea. The course culminates with open water sessions where you will practice free immersion and constant weight freedives, with the goal of reaching depths between 20 to 30 meters (66 to 98 feet).

What skills and knowledge are covered in the PADI Advanced Freediver Course?

The PADI Advanced Freediver Course builds upon the skills learned in the basic freediving course. You will delve deeper into the advanced techniques of breath-hold diving, including free-fall techniques, deeper static and dynamic apneas, and advanced safety and rescue skills. The course also covers the physiological aspects of deep freediving and how to effectively train to improve your breath-hold abilities. This advanced training is designed to enhance your confidence and capabilities as a freediver, allowing you to explore greater depths safely and comfortably.

What are the prerequisites and how can I start the Advanced Freediver Course?

To start the PADI Advanced Freediver Course, you must have successfully completed the PADI Freediver course or possess a qualifying certification from another training organization. A good level of health and fitness, as well as comfort in the water, are essential. Once you meet these prerequisites, you can begin your advanced training by enrolling with a certified PADI Freediver Instructor. The course includes both theoretical and practical sessions, focusing on enhancing your freediving techniques and deep diving skills.


PADI Freediver certification or equivalent, Good health, reasonable fitness, and comfort in the water, Minimum age of 15

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